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  • Shifting Gears
    Hello Jellies, last week actually concluded our attempt to do small weekly updates. We didn't get out everything we wanted, but it wasn't too terrible. Weekly Maintenance has also concluded for the time being, so Sunday downtime will no longer be a thing.   Our devs are currently finishing up whatever projects they haven't yet […]

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  • Event Poll
    It's time again for another staff lead event. Instead of us deciding what the next event should be we are wanting you to decide for us. Then the staff will put their own special spin on the event once the type is decided.    Poll will close Friday May 19th. Event will be posted the […]

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  • Non-Trans WoE
    Open Castle Britoniah - Mersetzdeitz (Geffen 5) Transcendent (Rebirth) classes cannot enter Non-Trans castles. The War of Emperium is a game feature that allows guilds to fight in order to conquer a Castle to be the headquarters for the guild, and get benefits and special advantages. Owning a Castle gives your guild several benefits. First […]